Corporation Overview

Critical Power Group (CPG) is a leader in computer-room support equipment and is one of the industry’s foremost suppliers—offering you best-of-breed products, professional service and valuable information through one single reliable source. Our products and services are all geared toward providing the highest levels of system reliability, efficiency, integration, risk mitigation and top-quality products to data center environments. We have proven our capabilities by providing successful deployments for private and commercial organizations and government clients.

CPG is a certified small business that has added substantial hardware, integration and on-site consulting and staffing services to our infrastructure support offerings. We are financially stable and we are now capable of even larger customer engagements, with increased product and service offerings that include the following:

Corporate Bio

Critical Power Group (CPG) is small business that specializes in providing power and environmental products, facilities integration, facility management and maintenance, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services and installation and monitoring services for data centers and other mission-critical projects.

CPG is uniquely positioned to provide the following customized and seamless solution to any customer: A full range of equipment provisioning services, including, but not limited to, Uninterruptible Power Systems (single-phase and three-phase), Continuous Power Supply (CPS), Modular “Green” SCIF solutions, ride-through systems at low and medium voltages, Rotary UPS, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Remote Power Panels (RPPs), Voltage Regulators, Digital Static Transfer Switches (STS), Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS) and Remote Monitoring Systems, Battery Plants (wet and dry), Backup Generators, Rectifier and Inverter Systems, Energy Efficient/Harmonic Mitigation Transformers, Computer Room Air Conditioning and Information Technology (IT) Racks and in-row cooling units.

Furthermore, CPG provides an integrated approach to our customers—we function as a single source for all bid packaging, performance management, resolution of operational issues and testing. This ensures that each of our customers receives timely and efficient build-outs that meet all customer requirements for their facilities. In addition, CPG uses several nationally and internationally recognized vendors in order to provide each of our customers with the best solution for each individual end-user’s unique facility requirements.

We provide a single point-of-contact for scheduling and management of preventive maintenance activities, facility-wide maintenance contracts and power quality audits by coordinating with the appropriate vendors and by developing customer-specific maintenance programs that are uniquely tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Additionally, CPG provides site-commissioning services in order to ensure that each end user’s systems are planned, designed, developed, installed and tested for specification conformity and operational stability.

CPG is a dominant provider of data room and mission-critical facilities support equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region. CPG’s relationships with our end users and strategic manufacturers ultimately determine our success and we continually ensure and maintain the high quality of partnerships we have built with both of these entities.

Critical Power Group client lists and references are available upon request.

Vendor Neutral Selections

Critical Power Group works with the most trusted manufacturers from across the world to provide our clients with a diverse selection of critical power support equipment, supporting sectors like Government, Education, Internet/Worldwide Web, Datacenter, Security, Commercial, Private & Industrial systems with many product options. Our professional sales team has over 40 years of experience and takes advantage of new or surplus products from across geographic regions and pulls it into a robust inventory, ready for quick delivery and project implementation. Our consultative approach gives us the flexibility to make an unbiased equipment recommendation based on the best application for your technical needs, budget goals and delivery requirements. With access to many vendors, we can capitalize on new or surplus inventory from quality manufacturers, saving our customers time and money. Want to see how different manufacturers compare? No problem. Our team can provide multiple proposals with different options from a wide variety of manufacturers so you can make the most informed decisions for your projects.

Datacenter Support Equipment

Reliability & maintainability are the single most important aspects of a Data Center’s back-up system. An effective back-up design project can only be maintained through a deep understanding of a client’s business and equipment needs. The backup power system serves as a safety net for the entire facility, and all of the data and information that flow through it. In this industry, there is no single solution for your Data center project and successful design and installation that can often require the collaboration of several industry experts. All Critical Power Group (CPG) products are supported by one of the industry’s most comprehensive global networks of manufacturing, testing and services facilities. Our goal is to link every part of the value chain – continually breaking new ground for equipment performance, environmental safety and reliable energy supply. CPG maintains a global network of manufactures for a variety of power solutions and with in house & seasoned experts strategically located close to our customers in mid Atlantic while supporting every region of the world with our global service approach. Unlike many companies in the industry we offer high quality and high efficient products that has a valuable Total Cost of Ownership. We are confident in the quality of our equipment because we inspect, start up and test every piece of equipment when it arrives at your facility.

About the Owner

Mr. John Younts, the President of CPG, has been proficient in and demonstrated expertise in the sales, service, design/construction and implementation and quality assurance of data room and mission-critical facilities support equipment for more than 20 years. During this time, he focused on end user requirements while forging strong relationships with both manufacturers and installation contractors. Mr. Younts’ extensive experience and knowledge has helped many government agencies and Fortune 100 companies maintain the integrity of their data centers and mission-critical facilities.