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Issue 33: Prevent Unplanned Outages with Cellwatch February 2014

If It Isn't Every Day, It Isn't Battery Monitoring

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Most battery monitoring systems test only once a month and once a week at the most. But why? A battery can fail in as little as two days. A monitoring system that only tests once a week will not be able to find that failure quickly enough to prevent your critical system from having an outage due to battery problems.

This is where Cellwatch comes in.

Cellwatch is designed to monitor all the jars every day. With this unique battery monitoring system in place, you will receive notifications of battery deterioration and imminent failure with their user-friendly software. It is a proactive approach which allows battery replacements to be based on the individual battery's condition, not how long that it has been in use.

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Battery Facts

Internal and external components of a valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery

You might think you know everything there is to batteries, but did you know these little tidbits?

  • Over 75% of UPS failures can be attributed to a battery failure (Including generator start batteries).
  • Any string of batteries is only as good as its weakest cell.
  • Batteries typically fail in one to two weeks and in as little as two days.
  • A failing battery puts additional strain on the remaining "good" batteries.
  • "Ten Year" batteries have a service life between four to six years.
  • Batteries near end-of-life have lost 20% of their original load capacity and 50% of their original runtime.

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You Need Monitoring Because...

Cellwatch Photo of Batteries

Security and Efficiency. Eliminate unplanned outages due to battery failure and take proper preemptive battery management.

Save Money. You will see UPS uptime become improved, battery invesyment will be maximized and maintenance personnel safety will increase as well.

Power Dependability. You will be able to keep up to date on the health state on your critical batteries which will enable the batteries to function when required.

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Download for More Information

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For the full story which this article is based on, the following downloadable PDFs from the Critical Power Group website were our sources for this article which you can view:

- Cellwatch Battery Monitoring Brochure
- Cellwatch System Overview
- Cellwatch 4.0 Cut Sheet
- Cellwatch on the CPG Website

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In This Issue

- If It Isn't Every Day, It Isn't Battery Monitoring
- Battery Facts
- You Need Monitoring Because...
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