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Issue 32: Good Things Happen With a Good Design Team January 2014

Team Integration

Design collaboration between the owner/operator and the electrical and mechanical engineers in the design and construction processes is key to the success of many projects. The Wenatchee campus Phase 1 project is a perfect example.

Sabey's prototype design was put to the test.

"The fully integrated data center team, consisting of engineers and architects working with Sabey's construction, leasing, marketing, and data center operations and finance teams, provides maximum efficiency to the development of each project, from property acquisition to fully commissioned data center. This collective team strives to 'right size' the reliability, scalability, and economics of the prototype from day one," noted John Sabey, who is president of Sabey DataCenter Properties.

Sabey's team sought participation from itulity companies to get the most energy efficient system possible. They also performed multiple design iterations and cost studies to get all equipment sized up properly.

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Electrical Design

John Sasser, vice president of operations of Sabey DataCenter Properties said, "For the prototype design, the full facility build out is based on four independent power trains for the larger buildings and three independent power trains for the slightly smaller building. Each power train consists of a utility transformer, a standby power generator, associated switch gear, UPSs, and mechanical loads. The electrical distribution is a distributed redundant topology with full N+1 redundancy."

One complete power train can by lost in the system without the critical IT or mechanical loads being affected. This is possible by having each IT cabinet downstream fed from two power sources. Mechanical equipment are also served by two sources of power.

If an entire power train fails, the remaining power train(s) have the capacity to pick up the total critical server and mechanical load.

"Extensive 3D modeling was provided on the prototype design between the MEP firms to eliminate conflict and risk during construction. Neher-Mcgrath Duct Bank Heating calculations were provided and integrated with the 3D Model to ensure no risk of overheating the conductors for the life of the data center," said Scott Coburn of Lane Coburn & Associates.

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Full Online Double-Conversion UPS Systems

Online double-conversion UPS systems provide the highest level of power quality protection and are typically utilized in data centers where uptime is essential for system operation and financial viability. This double-conversion continuously provides conditioned power to the load and protection from power outages.

Double-conversion UPS systems can accommodate significant swings in supply frequency and continue to operate without going to battery operation.

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Mission Critical Rated Generators

Most life safety and legally required generator systems are standby rated, typically rated to run 100 hours/year with a load factor of 60 percent or less, peak demand of 80 percent of standby rated load, and 100 percent available during an outage.

A typical data center serving both server and mechanical loads will have a load factor in the 80 percent range; standby and prime-rated generators are not suitable for a load factor higher than 70 percent. As such, Sabey utilizes "mission critical-rated" generators with a load factor rating of 85 percent.

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The meet the needs of tech savvy owners and operators today, a comprehensive approach to the design, cnstruction and commissioning of mission critical facilities is a must. The Sabey team approached these challenges from the early stages of site selection and utility negotiation through to design, value engineering, construction and the final stage of commissioning with innovation, flexibility and full team collaboration.

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- Sabey: Design Collaboration for a Fully Integrated DataCenter

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