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IEEE – Energy Efficiency Improvement Paper, PQI
IEEE White Paper – Harmonic Mitigation
The Measurement and Evaluation of Distribution Transformer Losses Under Nonlinear Loading (R3) (color)


iFortress White Paper: Improved Data Center Cooling Efficiency within a Sealed Enlcosure

In addition to the note efficiencies in the white paper below that are gained by a sealed iFortress enclosure, there is virtually 100% efficiency gained on the energy that is consumed to maintain a positive level of pressure within a conventionally built facility. This expense, along with the installation of vapor barriers within conventional walls, is a common practice used to maintain as “humidity free” an environment as possible for data centers, as well as reduce the infiltration of dirt and dust from adjacent spaces. Because the panels are engineered to withstand elements such as humidity and the assemblies are sealed, the pressure established within the assemblies is constant, and therefore, there is no need for these pressurization efforts. As such, this consumption of energy, used as a form of standard operating procedure in data centers, is eliminated in its entirety, thereby netting a 100% efficiency gain.

iFortress White Paper: Improved Data Center Cooling Efficiency Within a Sealed Enclosure

Thomas & Betts

Thomas & Betts Field Trial White Paper:
Current Technology Surge Protection System for Lighting Protection

Many companies have made the transition to energy efficient lighting and are benefiting from lower electric bills. However, many of these same companies have seen an increase in their lighting maintenance costs. Thomas & Betts contacted one of these companies to see if we could help determine a root cause for the increased lighting maintenance costs and to investigate potential solutions. The company agreed to let us assistant them and provided ten stores for the evaluation. Several of the stores selected were stores that had seen the most increase in lighting maintenance budgets since switching to energy efficient lighting ballasts.

Thomas & Betts: Current Technology Parking Lighting White Paper
Thomas & Betts White Paper:
Current Technology Integrated vs. Non-Integrated SPDs

Is an integrated surge protection device the best choice? The purpose of this paper is to expose false claims made by panel-integrated surge protection device manufacturers.

Current Technology White Paper: Integrated vs. Non-Integrated SPDs

Server Technology

Server Technology White Paper: Power Management of -48VDC Equipment

Who needs remote power management for power distribution, power measurement, and power control of -48VDC equipment?

Server Technology White Paper: Power Management of -48VDC Equipment
Server Technology White Paper: Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDUs)

Features and Benefits of Implementing Server Technology’s Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDUs) in your Data Center

Server Technology White Paper: Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDUs)
Server Technology White Paper: JITC Tested Cabinet Power Distribution Units for DOD Information Technology and National Security System Applications

The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) is an independent evaluator of information systems deployed within the Department of Defense (DOD) and is one of the responsible organizations that conducts Information Assurance (IA) and Interoperability (IOP) testing of network devices that will be connected to the Global Information Grid (GIG).The products tested feature intelligent IP addressable power distribution, remote management for rebooting connected devices, input current monitoring, environmental monitoring for temperature and humidity, and serial port console access. This testing was conducted to verify Server Technologies security protocols and viability to operate on government computing and networking environments such as the GIG. As well as having these products incorporated into the DOD network environment and/or future DOD acquisition programs by meeting the standards of DOD Directives 8500.1 and 8500.2.

Server Technology White Paper: JITC Tested CDUs


Rittal White Paper 507:
Understanding Data Center Cooling Energy Usage & Reduction Methods

This white paper provides a clear understanding of the cooling and heat removal infrastructure requirements for the modern high density data center and methods that can be employed to reduce energy consumption and costs while increasing performance and operational efficiency.

Rittal White Paper 507: Data Center Cooling Efficiency

Pioneer Power Solutions

Pioneer Advantages of Circuit Breaker Type Transfer Switches

Circuit breaker type transfer switch designs take advantage of the technology in switching, contact, arc chute and arcing horn designs that continue to be developed by circuit breaker manufacturers. Just as the original designers of “Open Contact” transfer switches saw the advantages in circuit breaker switching and contact technology available at the time, Circuit Breaker manufactures take advantage of the technical advances of today.

Pioneer Advantages of Circuit Breaker Type Transfer Switches



Starline: Application Briefs – Raised Access Floors (IT Rooms)
Starline Raised Access Floors

TSi Power

Protecting Singapore’s Changi Airport Power with Automatic Transfer Switches
300+ of TSi Power’s ATS used by Singapore Airport & Thales