Services Provided

Critical Power Service Group is a service orientated company that specializes in the preventative maintenance & service of Mission Critical Backup Support Equipment while you maintain your business.

We provide SERVICE on nearly all makes and models:

  • UPS systems (Powerware, Liebert, APC, GE, MGE, Gamatronics, and Many More)
  • Batteries (Battery replacement, removal & disposal, Battery monitoring for VRLA & Wet Cells)
  • Static Transfer Switches (STS’) PDU’s (Power Distribution Units)
  • Maintenance Contracts, UPS Repair Work, Preventative & Emergency Service
  • Generator Preventative & Emergency Service/Maintenance
  • Chiller and indoor A/C Preventative & Emergency Service/Maintenance

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you or call us at 703.443.1717. Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

What can we offer you today?

  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Full Service Contracts
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • T&M Work
  • Equipment Installation
  • Site Survey / Equipment Sizing
  • Battery Service & Replacement
  • Carbon Fuel Services

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CPG provides equipment integration, systems commissioning, routine and emergency service and 24/7 facility monitoring. Our highly trained professionals are available on a contractual or hourly basis depending on the needs of our clients.

Critical Power Group’s Service Plan includes the following services/inspections:

  • Around the Clock Response to Emergency Calls (24×7)
  • Four (4) hour Guaranteed Response Time to Emergency Service Calls
  • 24/7 Annual UPS Preventative Maintenance
  • 24/7 Annual Sealed Battery Preventative Maintenance

Critical Power Group highly recommends the above service plan be coupled with the proper Preventative Maintenance Inspections for your specific model.

With Mission sensitive systems, reliability and maintainability become imperative as it relates to the common theme of maximum uptime. As new technologies and products continue to evolve, CPG finds itself in an ever changing yet flexible role. We must be aware of the (changing) needs of the IT departments and the facility group and focus on narrowing the gap and making sure both groups within the same organization have the same common goal. We often interface with users group to see the latest server technology to see how that will impact our clean power or mechanical systems. Our customers find that our knowledge and experience often helps them with their practical design and execution. With our involvement at inception, we can offer a full managed approach from equipment per selection and purchase to project and construction management and ultimately staff the facility on a 7/24/365 basis. The staffing side allows the customer to add or delete personnel without hindering their business operations and reliability.

Why Have a PM Program?

The most important reason for a PM program is to reduce costs:

  • Better conservation and increased life expectancy of support equipment and IT assets,       better overall site documentation and proactive vs reactive plans
  • Minimize breakdowns and excessive depreciation.
  • Reduces overtime costs by working on a scheduled basis instead of an emergency basis
  • Timely, routine repairs circumvent costly large-scale repairs.
  • Reduce repair costs by reducing secondary failures.  When parts fail in service, they often damage other parts.
  • Identification of equipment with excessive maintenance costs, indicating the need for corrective maintenance

Typical PM Services Provided:

  • Mission Critical Support Equipment Maintenance (UPS, Battery maintenance, STS, PDU, RPP, Flywheel technology, site monitoring solutions)
  • Generator Maintenance

For more information about our services, please Contact Us at 703.443.1717.


Critical Power Group can offer a variety of used, surplus and refurbished equipment.

Please Contact Us at 703.443.1717 to discuss your specific requirements and how we can address them.