Hitec Rotary UPS/ Continuous Power Systems (CPS)

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Critical Power Group is a provider of the Hitec diesel uninterruptible power system (UPS)/ continuous power system (CPS). The core of the Hitec Power Protection solution is rotary UPS systems using flywheel energy storage. It is a clean and reliable source of uninterruptible continuous power. The Hitec UPS/CPS system uses a Free-Wheel clutch that allows shaft of the induction coupling to rotate, while the diesel engine is at a standstill. When the diesel engine starts and reaches the speed of the induction coupling/generator, the clutch engages automatically and starts to drive the induction coupling/generator. Then the diesel engine starts and ramps up completely without load. Depending on the size of the fuel resource power can be provided for an indefinite period of time. This system takes up less space and eliminates the hazardous materials of a battery operated system which reduces your environmental footprint while remaining reliable and cost efficient.

If Critical Power Group can fulfill your rotary UPS/ CPS or Ride Through needs, please fill in your contact information in the Request a Quote Section or Contact our Northern Virginia Headquarters at (703) 443-1717 and we will be happy to help you. Below you will find information on the Hitec Products we offer.

  Hitec Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)
Hitec Power Protection – Diesel Rotary UPS Systems – Corporate Video
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Ride Through

Hitec Ride Through Systems are developed to prevent downtime and bridge short interruptions in the utility power supply. It provides 15 to 30 seconds of Ride Through power dependent on the load. The majority of all power quality problems last not more than two seconds so this system is a cost efficient way to provide continuous power.

  Hitec Ride Through System Brochure