Critical Power Group is a provider of battery products. Applications include Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), life safety support, traffic signal systems, wheel chairs, telecom equipment, marine instruments and many others. The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) is for stationary applications and the Advanced Gel Technology provides reliable and deep cycle power for specialty applications. For mobile or stationary applications there are the Flooded Deep Cycle Series.

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IEEE 485 Lead Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications

GNB Sunlyte Battery 12-5000X

GNB Sonnenschein SOLAR Battery

Exide Absolyte GP Photovoltaic & Alternative Energy Battery

Exide Sprinter Battery

Exide Absolyte UPS Battery GP Constant Power

Exide Absolyte Telecom Battery

GNB Utility Battery

GNB Nuclear Battery

GNB UPS Battery

GNB Telecom Battery

GNB Flooded Classic Industrial Batteries

GNB AT30 Series Float Battery Chargers

GNB AT10.1 Series Float Battery Chargers

CVS 1200 Cabinet Ventilation System