PQI TM Metering

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PQI TM Metering
The Type ‘TM’ Integrated Transformer Metering System, for LEED® rated Green Buildings, includes a factory installed PowerLogic® Series 800 Power Meter, ‘Revenue Class’ current transformers, characterized to 0.1% accuracy, and HRC fused voltage connections. Ultra-efficient Distribution TransFilters™ and e-Rated® Transformers, with LEED® compliant, integrated metering systems, provide the means to obtain EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance, EA Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning and EA Credit 5: Measurement and Verification LEED® credits.

The semi-flush mounted Model 810 PowerLogic® Power Meter is located on the transformer’s front panel. In the event the transformer’s enclosure includes a single removable front panel, the meter’s wiring harness includes a suitable disconnecting means. As an option, the front panel may be hinged so that the meter need not be disconnected during the transformer’s installation or during routine maintenance.

Optional PM820, PM850 and PM870 Power Meters are also available.