Posted in Energy Efficient Transformers

Type DV harmonic mitigating Distribution TransFilters™ exceed all existing and pending energy efficiency requirements under nonlinear loading.

Type DV transformers’ ultra-low Excitation (no-load) Losses provide high efficiency during periods of light-loading (<15% FL). This benefit is achieved by using higher quality, grain oriented silicon core steel in the Unicore™ cores of lower kVA ratings and in the full and step-lap miter-cut cores, with reduced laminations per group, in higher kVA ratings.

Unlike Excitation Losses, which are constant from no-load to full-load, Impedance (load) Losses increase rapidly above 15% FL; particularly when the transformer’s loads are nonlinear. To maintain energy efficiency, Type DV Distribution TransFilters’ ultra-low zero-sequence impedance flux cancellation windings maintain published efficiencies at 35% FL. Type DV transformers’ published efficiencies can be matched to anticipated or measured average loading above 35% FL, when required.