Anord Power Quality Solutions

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Anord Power Quality Solutions
Power Quality Correction solutions from Anord… Unbiased technical expertise and “best fit” solutions to power quality problems such as system harmonics, power factor correction and voltage flicker.

We provide full power quality solutions from initial power quality analysis surveys through to bespoke power quality solutions such as De-tuned PFC Banks and Active Harmonic Filtration & mitigation.


  • Detailed Power Quality Analysis surveys available
  • Impartial engineering advice
  • Fully automatic PFC banks available up to 1200 kVAr
  • Conventional or Static switched PFC stages (with Tuned or De-Tuned options)
  • Harmonic Filtration, Voltage SAG & Flicker control solutions
  • Modular semi-withdrawable construction
  • Power Quality Solutions can be stand alone or integrated as part of the Anord Switchgear package

Anord Modular Switchrooms

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Anord Modular Switchrooms
As part of our broad capability range, Anord specialise in providing factory built switchrooms which are fully fitted off site to facilitate plants space where conventional buildings are not feasible.

Due to our cross sector experience, we have successfully delivered such solutions to modular data centres, petrochemical refineries, commercial building services and energy from waste powerstations.

Each switchroom is designed to the specific fit-out requirements of the project and can incorporate MV switchgear, package substations, motor control centres and ancillary equipment such as UPS supplies, cooling and IT equipment.

Anord Switchrooms are also ideal for export projects as each completed switchroom/switchgear suite is fully factory built and tested prior to shipping, meaning that installation and positioning of the equipment is complete within hours of it arriving on the project site.


  • Seismically qualified construction available on request
    Off-site manufacturing speeds up delivery time and minimises on-site installation time

  • All units fully fitted and factory tested prior to shipping within an ISO 9001 quality environment
  • Available with integrated MV switchgear, Package Substations, Main Switchboards and MCC’s
  • Ideal for switchgear applications in remote locations or where buildings have limited space
  • Robust, weatherproof and secure construction with minimum 25 year life-span
  • Specific lighting, heating and air conditioning requirements catered for to suit each installation
  • Reduced project design and construction costs due to single point of contact for manufacture switchgear and switchroom
  • All switchrooms designed using 3D modelling techniques ensuring optimum layout arrangement

Anord Motor Control Centres (MCC’s)

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Anord Motor Control Centres (MCC's)
From pharmaceutical to petrochemical, water utilities to power generation, Anord have extensive experience in the successful implementation of complex Motor Control Centre projects across all industry sectors.

Our versatile switchgear systems accommodate Fixed or Withdrawable MCC’s designed to meet the ever changing requirements of today’s process industries. All types of fixed and variable speed starters are available in an integrated MCC solution and we offer designs in both Form 2 and Form 4 construction to your specific requirements.


  • Conventional or fully Intelligent options (See Intelligent MCC profile)
  • Constructed in strict accordance with current EMC guidelines
  • Available with integrated PLC, BMS or I/O sections
  • Full in-house programming available
  • Standardised starter cubicle designs using 3D modelling software
  • High density apparatus stacking achievable within temperature rise limitations
  • MCCs are fully factory tested prior to delivery
  • Accommodation of fixed and variable speed starters, instrumentation, circuit breakers, power supplies, PFC and power monitoring
  • Available with integrated liquid cooled VSD systems

Anord Intelligent MCC’s

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Anord Intelligent MCC's
With its unique energy management and predictive maintenance features, the Anord Intelligent MCC offers enhanced control, monitoring and asset management functionality.

Using Anord developed software which supports industry standard fieldbus networks and component manufacturers, we provide you with a tried and tested platform that is configurableto suit your specific needs and interface with any existing fieldbus systems.

Each Intelligent MCC is fully programmed and configured to your process requirements prior to factory acceptance testing (FAT), meaning that on site commissioning is greatly reduced.


  • Generic Anord software – suitable to major fieldbus types and component manufacturers
  • Standardised cubicle designs
  • Enhanced protection, control and diagnostics available
  • Reduced compartment sizes and switchgear footprints
  • Reduced internal cabling and field cabling costs due to fieldbus technology
  • Enhanced local operator information and control at HMI
  • Assemblies are fully configured at factory test stage and can be easily re-configured on site
  • Accommodation of fixed and variable speed starters, circuit breakers, power supplies and power monitoring

Anord Power Distribution Units (PDU’s)

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Anord Power Distribution Units (PDU's)
Anord have a long established track record in delivering critical power solutions to the data centre industry and Anord Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) form part of the vital power infrastructure in these mission critical facilities.

Having worked with many of the world’s leading data centre operators, Anord have developed a fully welded PDU design, which is customised to each client’s specific construction and space requirements. The Anord Welded System (AWS) offers first class mechanical strength with an aesthetically pleasing finish. Separation is available to Form 4B Type 6 and if required we can offer double skin cubicles with dead front outer doors.

Accommodating single, double, triple and four pole devices on hot swappable panelboards, Anord AWS PDU’s are rapidly becoming the leading PDU across Europe due to the flexibility that is offered in terms of configuration.

Please note: Anord PDU’s are not available in the US market at this time.


  • Intelligent options available (see intelligent PDU’s)
  • Integrated static transfer switches available
  • K-rated isolation transformers or active harmonic filters available
  • Status, alarm and power monitoring features available over
    comms/BMS networks

  • ASTA certified plug-in MCCB and MCB panel-boards incorporated
    as standard, up to 50 kA/1s

  • 100% or 200% neutral busbar options
  • Fitted with clean earth bars if required
  • Bespoke plinths and underfloor gland boxes available
  • Dead front outer doors offered on request
  • Live thermographic imaging facilities incorporated as standard
  • Fixed or mobile construction available (depending on size)

Anord Intelligent PDU’s

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Anord Intelligent PDU's
With user friendly power and status monitoring of your critical loads available at your fingertips, Anord Intelligent PDU’s are the future of power protection and monitoring within modern data centre facilities.

Without branch circuit power monitoring, planning of rack deployment and power management in modern data centres becomes virtually impossible. Anord intelligent PDU’s are equipped with class leading branch power and supply status monitoring, allowing colocation and enterprise data centre operators to effectively monitor at the final circuit level. Anord intelligent PDU’s provide simple, user friendly interfaces which present all of the key information required, such as volts, amps and kilowatt hours per circuit, allowing accurate DCiM, PUE and service level agreements to be maintained.

Please note: Anord PDU’s are not available in the US market at this time.

User friendly on board touch screen monitor displaying;

  • Real time active power flow single line diagram
  • Individual power consumption of server racks (kWh, kVA, V & A)
  • Open, closed & tripped status of main and final circuit breakers
  • Open, closed & tripped status of static transfer switches
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Critical and non critical Alarms
  • Complete event log
  • Configured to your requirements with or without local HMI
  • Intelligent PDU’s are network enabled allowing communications to a plant wide Anord SCADA Package over industry standard networks
  • Any combination of static transfer switches, plug – in MCCB’s and MCB panel boards available

Anord LV Power Switchboards

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Anord LV Power Switchboards
Anord LV switchboards are constructed from our IEC 61439 compliant type tested AMS switchgear system, ensuring that you benefit from our 40 year pedigree in producing quality LV switchgear.

AMS built switchboards are class leading in terms of technical performance, versatility of design and whole life operational costs. We offer front or rear access busbar systems, type tested naturally cooled ACB cubicles to 6300A and construction to Form 4B with front or rear cable access options.


  • Type Tested PSC Assemblies, certified for short circuit withstand strengths and temperature rise limitations in accordance with
    IEC-61439 standards

  • Seismically tested and certified proving robust construction
  • High density component stacking within temperature rise limitations
  • Top or bottom mounting main busbar system with unique arc pressure ventilation system
  • Front or rear access busbar systems, suitable for thermographic imaging
  • Easily accessed front or rear mounting secondary branch busbars
  • Type Tested insulated busbar systems available
  • 100% or 200% neutral busbar options
  • Accommodation of fixed or withdrawable ACB’s, MCCB’s, fuse-switches and integrated PFC
  • Flexible modular construction with in-line, back-to-back, U and L shaped configurations
  • Top, Bottom, Front or Rear cable access
  • All compartments are 3D modelled to achieve optimum cable access and apparatus layouts

Anord Intelligent Package Substations

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Anord Intelligent Package Substations
Intelligent Package Substation
Since launching the first generation of our intelligent switchgear family in 1998, Anord have the largest installed base of intelligent switchgear in the UK & Irish markets.

Specifically with the new UK Building Regulations ‘Part L 2A’ in mind and to promote the safe operation of high current LV switchgear, Anord have developed and launched the first Intelligent Package Substation.

Utilising Anord software, industry standard fieldbus and the latest component technology, the Anord Intelligent Package Substation offers users the most comprehensive power monitoring and load management package in the market. Advanced features include; true temperature monitoring of busbar joints and the ability to safely switch circuit breakers with potentially high fault current from the safety of a password protected touch screen HMI at the Substation’s ICA section.

With a number of blue chip clients already investing in the Anord Intelligent Package Substation, it is clear that this is the industry standard of the future.


  • User Friendly Touch Screen HMI (optional)
  • Ability to network multiple Substations to Anord or 3rd party SCADA or EMS
  • Active Power Flow Mimic/Status displayed on the HMI
  • Safe switching of circuit breakers, remotely at the ICA section
  • Power monitoring and waveform trending of individual circuits
  • Status monitoring of circuit breakers, transformers, surge arrestors etc
  • Temperature monitoring of transformers, critical busbar joints and cable terminations
  • THDI & THDV Harmonic analysis
  • Alarms available for over temperature, over current and circuit breaker trip
  • Load shedding programs available
  • Fully factory configured and tested prior to shipping

Anord Package Substations

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Anord Package Substations
Anord AMS Package Substations are widely recognised as the market leading product for high current load centre’s across several industry sectors.

Anord AMS Package Substations are fully compliant and certified to both IEC 61439 standards, and offer superb quality, high integrity and first rate reliability. The entire package substation assembly is certified for both temperature rise and short circuit withstand strength.

All ACB cubicles are temperature rise tested and naturally ventilated to 6300A and the entire assembly is seismically tested and certificated including transformer, transformer housing and close coupled LV switchgear.

Features and Benefits

  • Available with close-coupled integrated MV switchgear cubicles
  • Multiple transformer/incomer arrangements available utilising
  • Anord Busduct system
  • Seismically tested and certified
  • Type Tested transformer housing designs
  • Type Tested PSC Assemblies, certified for short circuit withstand strengths and temperature rise limitations to IEC-61439 standards
  • Type Tested insulated busbar systems available
  • Front or rear access busbar systems, suitable for thermographic imaging
  • 100% or 200% neutral busbar options
  • Fixed or withdrawable circuit breakers
  • Flexible construction with in-line, back-to-back, U and L shaped configurations
  • Top, bottom, front or rear cable access
  • Reduced cabling and installation costs
  • Compact footprint giving civil/structural savings
  • Advanced 3D modelling technique delivers consistent
    construction standards